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Blatant literally means “noisy.” By extension it refers to something done obtrusively and noticeably. The adverb form is blatantly. The noun form, blatancy, is rarely used. Flagrant means “openly scandalous or notorious.” The adverb form is flagrantly. The noun form, flagrancy, is not as common. The Latin legal term flagrante delicto means “while the crime

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The prefix e- (or ex-) usually means “out of” or “from.” The prefix im- (or in-) often means “in” or “into.” Therefore, emigrate means “to move out of” and immigrate means “to move into.” Correct: They emigrated from Rwanda and immigrated to Gabon. Note: The prefix e- comes from the Latin word e, such as

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In standard English lend is a verb, and loan is a noun. Nonstandard: Please loan us a hundred dollars. Standard: Please lend us a hundred dollars.

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For Free

Free is an adjective. The expression for free is nonstandard. Use free or something like for nothing instead. Incorrect: We got it for free. Correct: We got it free. Correct: We got it for nothing.

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Imply means “to state indirectly.” Infer means “to draw a conclusion.” You may infer something from an implication, but you would not imply something from an inference. Incorrect: She implied that he was from Canada by his accent. Correct: She inferred that he was from Canada by his accent. Incorrect: The poem inferred that the

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