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Its is the possessive pronoun; it modifies a noun. It’s is a contraction of it is or it has. Incorrect: The cat carried it’s kitten in it’s mouth. (Possessive pronoun, no apostrophe) Correct: The cat carried its kitten in its mouth. Correct: I think it’s going to rain today. (Contraction of it is) Correct: It’s

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Height or Heighth

The noun form of broad is breadth, the noun form of long is length, and the noun form of wide is width. Because of this, some people follow the pattern and say heighth, with a th at the end of the word high. That is not standard English. The correct form is height. Notice the

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Jealous means “apprehensive or vengeful out of fear of being replaced by someone else.” It can also mean “watchful,” “anxiously suspicious,” “zealous,” or “expecting complete devotion.” The last is normally applied to God. The noun form is jealousy; the adverb form, jealously. Envy means “to bear a grudge toward someone due to coveting what that

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Jiggle means “rock or jerk lightly.” Joggle means “to shake slightly” or “move by light jerks.” Juggle means “to catch and toss a number of objects with skill.” Examples: The aftershock made the table jiggle. The movers had to joggle the couch into position. He could juggle ten Indian clubs at a time.

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