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Tactics is the science and art of handling troops and military units in the presence of the enemy. By extension, it can mean any maneuvering or adroit device to accomplish a goal. The adjective form is tactical. As an illustration, the military term tactical unit refers to the largest group of troops or troops and

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Unique (and Other Absolute Modifiers)

Unique means “one of a kind.” Therefore, comparatives, superlatives, and words like very, so, or extremely should not be used to modify it. If it is one of a kind, it cannot be compared! Incorrect: He is a very unique personality. Correct: He is a unique personality. This same logic applies to other words which

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Commas in Compound Sentences

Use a comma to separate independent clauses in a compound sentence when they are separated by a conjunction. The comma goes after the first clause and before the coordinating conjunction that separates the clauses. Make sure they are independent clauses and not some other construction where commas are not required. Correct: We washed the dog,

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Adding Commas for Clarity

Sometimes it is necessary to add a comma to make a sentence clear. Unclear: In the kitchen cupboards were empty. (Make it clear that the phrase is “in the kitchen,” not “in the kitchen cupboards.”) Clear: In the kitchen, cupboards were empty. Unclear: The room was full of crying babies and mothers. (Were the mothers

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Bring means “to carry to a nearer place from a more distant one.” Take means the opposite: “To carry to a more distant place from a nearer one.” Examples: Bring that file over here. Take this package to the post office. The past and the past participle of bring is brought. Brang and brung are

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