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Commas with Dates

When a date is made up of two or more parts, use a comma to separate the parts when the parts both are words or both are numbers. A second comma follows the last item unless it is at the end of a list or sentence. Incorrect: We will meet Friday July 15. (Word Friday

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A hyphen is a short horizontal line used within words. (The longer dash is used between words.) Hyphens are used in a variety of situations. Numbers Written Out with Hyphens Hyphenated Prefixes and Suffixes Hyphenated Compound Words Hyphens for Clarity Dividing at the End of a Line

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The Ellipsis

The ellipsis is three periods in a row. It signifies that words or figures are missing. Most frequently an ellipsis is used with quotations. It may come at the middle or end of a quotation. It may be used at the beginning of a quotation if the quotation begins mid-sentence and there is an appropriate

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Brackets, or crotchets, are always used in pairs to mark off material inserted into a quotation which is not part of the original quotation. The use of brackets should be limited, but may include short references, short definitions, a short piece of information which clarifies the quotation, or an editorial comment. The Latin word sic,

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The Virgule

The virgule, often called the “slant bar” by computer users, has four specific uses in punctuation. A virgule separates parts of an extended date. Example: The 1994/95 basketball season. Washington was born in February 1731/32. A virgule represents the word per in measurements: Example: 186,000 mi./sec. (miles per second) A virgule stands for the word

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