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Other Punctuation Marks with Quotation Marks

Always place a comma or period before beginning or ending quotation marks. Incorrect: “Ned”, he requested”, please take this to Mr. Green”. Correct: “Ned,” he requested, “please take this to Mr. Green.” Always place a colon or semicolon after ending quotation marks. (This is relatively rare.) Correct: George claimed, “I have twenty points”; Bill said

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Hyphenated Compound Words

Hyphens are used internally in some compound words to separate the words forming the compound word. Examples: merry-go-round editor-in-chief When unsure of the hyphenation of such words, check a dictionary. Usage may vary. As some words are more widely used, the hyphen is dropped. For example, in the early 1800s the word blackbird was usually

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Quotation Marks in Dialogue

Begin a new paragraph with every change of speaker. Incorrect: “Hello, Mary,” Jeffrey stammered. “Hi, Jeffrey, how are you?” “Uh, fine. What have you been doing lately?” Correct: “Hello, Mary,” Jeffrey stammered. “Hi, Jeffrey, how are you?” “Uh, fine. What have you been doing lately?” For quotations longer than a single paragraph, put quotation marks

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Quotation Marks in Titles

Use quotation marks to set off the title of a short written work or parts of a longer work. Short works include short stories, chapters from a book, one-act plays, short poems, essays, songs, and articles. Parts of a longer work include episodes in a series, songs, parts of a longer music composition, or an

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Apostrophes Showing Possession

An apostrophe is normally used with the letter s to show ownership or possession. With most singular nouns, simply add an apostrophe plus the letter s to do this. An apostrophe plus s is never added to make a noun plural–even a proper noun. Incorrect: This is Joans jacket. (Possessive form needs the apostrophe) Correct:

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