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Perspective means “point of view, especially the ability to see the whole of something.” In art, it specifically means the ability to present three dimensional objects using a two dimensional medium. Perspective is normally a noun. The prefix per- means “completely.” Prospective means “future or potential” and is normally an adjective. The noun form is

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Should Have/Should Of

Could of does not exist. Neither do should of, will of, or would of as verbs. Write could have, should have, will have, or would have. If you want to emphasize the pronunciation, write it as a verb contraction: could’ve, should’ve, will’ve, or would’ve.

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Manic, an adjective, is a clinical term having to do with a psychological affliction. Maniac, a noun, is a crazy person. The adjective form is maniacal, with the accent on the second syllable. Examples: He takes lithium for manic depression. She started acting like a maniac when she heard the news.

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A person is convinced by evidence or argument made to the intellect. A person is persuaded by appeals made to the will, moral sense, or emotions. A person is convinced of a doctrine, belief, or duty. A person is convicted of a crime, sin, or personal wrongdoing. The noun form of both words is conviction.

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Single means “one” or “individual.” When applied to people, it usually means “unmarried.” It can be a verb meaning “to call attention to.” Sometimes an unmarried person is referred to as “a single.” The state of being single is singleness. Singular is a related word meaning “unique” or “distinctive” or “standing alone in some way.”

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