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Jiggle means “rock or jerk lightly.” Joggle means “to shake slightly” or “move by light jerks.” Juggle means “to catch and toss a number of objects with skill.” Examples: The aftershock made the table jiggle. The movers had to joggle the couch into position. He could juggle ten Indian clubs at a time.

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Historical normally means “having taken place in history” or “from the past” or “having to do with history.” Historic means “having significance in history.” It usually refers to an event or person. Historically is the adverb form of both words.

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All three words have similar roots, but judicious applies to human character in general. Judicial and juridical are more specifically connected with matters of law. Judicious means “wise, showing good judgment.” Judicial means “relating to courts of law or judges.” Juridical means, more specifically, “relating to the administration of justice.” Examples: He judiciously invested in

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Hopefully is an adverb which means what it ought to–“full of hope” or “characterized by hope.” It normally modifies verbs. Nonstandard English sometimes substitutes the word hopefully for I hope (or some other subject with the verb hope). Correct: They listened hopefully for the sound of the rescue party. (They listened with hope) Incorrect: Hopefully,

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