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Leaving Feedback

Did you know that you can “rate” your editor after each job you submit?  Because who doesn’t enjoy the occasional anonymous critique? Rate your editor’s performance on a scale of one to five. We keep it simple with a five-star scale, allowing you to submit speedy (but effective) feedback after each job.  Rating your editor

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Resubmitting a Request

Did you know that you can resubmit a fixed request? If you feel that your editor missed a typo or misunderstood your content’s meaning or target audience, navigate to the job in question and click the “Resubmit” button. Make sure to leave your editor a note, describing the issue in as much detail as possible.  Once

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Away Messages

Did you know that you can choose which editor you want to edit your latest submission? If you prefer, you can select an editor that you have worked with in the past and assign a new job to him or her anytime in the future! Keep in mind, your editor of choice may or may

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Chat With Your Editor

Did you know that you can chat with your editor while he or she is working on your content? Feel free to shoot your editor a message if you think your text needs a little extra clarification or attention.  Alternatively, check in with your editor throughout the editing process, particularly if you submitted an especially

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Approving a Job

Did you know that you have 72 hours to approve each and every job you submit on our platform? That’s right!  You have three full days to review your editor’s suggested redline changes and ask any follow-up questions you might have via our chat feature.  If you still haven’t “approved” a job after 72 hours,

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