Sentence Fragments (Incomplete Sentences)

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Sentence Fragments (Incomplete Sentences)

1. A sentence must have a subject and a verb if it is to make sense.

Incorrect: John, being a friendly computer salesman and baseball fan.
(No verb)
Correct: John, being a friendly computer salesman and baseball fan, refused to argue.
(John–the subject–is doing something, namely, refusing.)

2. A subordinate clause (also sometimes called a dependent clause) is not a complete sentence if it does not have a main clause even though it may have a subject and verb.

Incorrect: Because we are baseball fans.
Correct: We watched the All-Star Game because we are baseball fans.

There is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with the word because as long as the clause with because is followed by a main clause.

             Correct: Because we are baseball fans, we watched the All-Star Game.
3. Sometimes in conversation only sentence fragments make sense.

OK, if you are recording a conversation, otherwise incorrect: She asked, “Why did you watch that baseball game?”
“Because we are baseball fans.”

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