Abbreviations of Geographical Features

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Abbreviations of Geographical Features

Abbreviations for geographical terms before or after a proper noun begin with a capital letter and end with a period.

Abbreviations for geographical terms are used only in addresses, lists, charts, and maps. They should be spelled out in standard and formal writing.

Common geographical abbreviations:
Ave. Is. Prov.
Apt. L. (Lake) RR. or R.R.

Blvd. Mt. Rd.

Bldg. Nat. or Natl. Rt. or Rte.

Co. (County) Pk. Sq.

Dr. (Drive) Pt. St. (Street, State)

Ft. Pen. (Peninsula) Terr.

The abbreviation Wy. can stand for Way, but is seldom used because it is short and it can be confused with the abbreviation for the state of Wyoming. More commonly it is part of the abbreviation of a compound word which includes way such as Hwy. for Highway, Fwy. for Freeway, or Pkwy. for Parkway.

See also state and province abbreviations.

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