The Case For Content Editing

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The Case For Content Editing

As all [good] content editors know, the concise prose you find when you read a published piece didn’t get that way on the first try. Writing is a process, and often, a first draft may convey great ideas and raw insight, but it’s very rare that a first draft is perfect. Almost every piece of writing needs an editor to take it from a rough draft to a final, polished article, ready for publication.

Here are a few ways you can ensure your writing is up to par:

Define the Narrative
Is there a clear story being told or does the writing tend to veer off in different directions? When examining a piece of writing, you want to be able to trace a clear narrative from beginning to end. If you are having trouble crafting an airtight narrative, it may be a good time to hire a content editor. A content editor will check to see whether there are any points that aren’t followed up later in the piece. An editor may also remove story elements that fail to contribute to your writing’s overall point or purpose.

Ensure Consistency
Much of the job of a content editor is making sure a piece of writing reads like it was written by the same author from start to end. This is why it can be very helpful to hire a content editor, regardless of the nature of your content. You don’t want a piece that starts off casually and then suddenly becomes stiff or formal in the final paragraph. Similarly, you don’t want a project to begin by using one set of terminology, and conclude with an entirely different set of terms. A skilled editor will select an appropriate tone and vocabulary and apply them consistently throughout your piece.

Boost Engagement
As you are reviewing a piece of writing, stop to ask yourself whether the writing actually engages the reader. Does the writing feel like a conversation?  Do you want to know more about the subject matter at hand? If the writing is not engaging you, it’s unlikely it will engage the average reader. A content editor can craft a piece to be more engaging and relatable. Sometimes, simply adding a question or two, can help engage your audience and encourage them to continue reading.

Regardless of your topic, an experienced content editor should be able to elevate your piece to its best, polished, and most readable state.

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