Bad Grammar and Typos Cost Real Estate Agents Money

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Any good real estate agent knows the importance of writing not only correct, but compelling listings. Written errors do not only cause confusion between agents and potential buyers, they give a bad impression overall. While browsing listings, homebuyers expect to be able to get all the information they need at just a glance and will soon skip over any that are difficult to decipher. Furthermore, grammatical errors and dubious word choices give buyers the message that you as an agent either do not know how, or do not care enough, to write correctly.

Top professionals in real estate (and certainly all industries) care enough to hire editors to proofread and perfect their writing before displaying it for potential customers to see. The most compelling reason to do so? Their bottom line. According to a Wall Street Journal article, real estate listings written in full, error-free sentences result in faster sales as well as higher-than-average selling prices. That’s something every real estate agent can appreciate.

Typos Can Be Costly Mistakes
We all make typos from time to time, but failing to notice and correct them before publishing a listing (such as posting to social media or sending correspondence) is careless and also costly. The silliest typos might add a nonexistent extra bedroom to a home or a couple of hefty zeroes to an asking price. These errors are an instant deal killer. Rather than call to double-check such mistakes in major details, most buyers will simply move on to the next listing. You might think blooper-style typos, such as writing “poo in the backyard” instead of “pool” or “large panty” instead of “pantry,” give readers a harmless chuckle, but that’s not a good thing. You want house hunters to be smiling with excitement over the potential of your listing, not laughing at your errors.

Readability Is Very Important
Abbreviations are common and accepted in real estate listings. They make skimming lots of listings quicker and easier for browsing homebuyers, and they save real estate agents money on pricey advertising space. Go too far with the convention, though, and you risk giving readers a headache as they try to decipher lines of all-caps code. Do not make the mistake of cutting every vowel from every word (“bdrm” is fine, “grt nghbrhd” is just annoying) or making up your own acronyms (no one knows that SSA stands for “stainless steel appliances”). An editor or another set of eyes can help you find the fine line between writing that’s summarized for the benefit of the reader and writing that’s crammed with so many abbreviations it becomes unintelligible.

Errors Undermine Your Professionalism
Most homebuyers who are reading listings can forgive minor typos and grammatical errors as long as they can understand the key points. They know that real estate is your expertise, not writing perfect prose. However, mistakes from the subtle to the glaring all undermine your professional appearance and cost you money in ways you can’t easily measure. If you are publishing listings or other materials with errors, is it because you are uneducated? Perhaps your agency cannot afford to pay someone to proofread. Or maybe you just don’t care. All of these possibilities mean buyers are doubting your professionalism, and such doubts inevitably have a negative effect on your profits. Smart, savvy real estate agents know that utilizing the services of an editor can undeniably boost your bottom line.

By: Heather R., Editor for editorr

Content Editing

How Content Editors Can Save You Time and Money

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In this social media driven world, communicating well with customers is key to the success of your business. However, not all business owners or employees have time to spend proofreading their digital communications to make sure everything is perfect. This is where editorr comes in. editorr is a service that provides content editing for all of your written communication needs.

Here are four ways editorr can save you time and money:
1. Polish a Newsletter
It’s important to keep your customers updated on your business and make sure they know what new products, promotions, and services you have available. Creating a flawless email newsletter can be a time-consuming task. Instead, you can write a rough draft of an email you’d like to send to your customers and ask a content editor to make it more polished and engaging.
2. Refresh Your Website Content
When you started your business, you probably created a website to promote your product or service to potential customers. Now you may be wondering whether your website could use a once-over. Rather than taking the time to do this yourself, hire an editor to review your content, make edits, and bring your web copy up to date.

However, not all business owners or employees have time to spend proofreading their digital communications to make sure everything is perfect. This is where editorr comes in.

3. Create More Engaging Blog Posts
You may have ideas for compelling blog posts, but you don’t have time to get those ideas from rough draft to publication. Instead, simply write a draft of the content and send it to an editor for polishing. This way, you are in charge of your blog’s personality and message, but you aren’t left with the taxing task of getting it ready to post.
4. Replace the Need for Full-Time Editorial Staff
Hiring a full-time editor can be expensive and you may not need an editor day-to-day. Perhaps you only require editorial oversight on a few particular projects. editorr is your solution! editorr offers on demand proofreading and content editing, without the overhead. With editorr, you have access to top-notch editors at a fraction of the cost of a full-time editorial team.

Content Editing

What to Look For When Hiring Content Editor

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When you hire a content editor to improve your writing, you must look for something beyond impeccable use of the English language. While correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation is a vital part of copy editing, a professional editor performs a number of more specialized functions. It’s in these areas of expertise that content editors truly prove their worth.

If you’ve made the smart decision to hire a content editor, look for one who can accomplish each of the following:

Cut the Fluff
Using 100 words when you could make the same point in 30 weakens your writing, no matter its purpose. Professional content editors should be able to immediately identify the key point in any sentence or paragraph. They need to decipher what specific point you are making, or what you are asking for or trying to accomplish with your words. They will identify this key point and know which words serve to communicate it and which words do not—the latter is “fluff.” An editor should know how to keep the meaningful words and cut the rest.

A content editor will rarely write whole new sentences from scratch. You should always be able to recognize your original message in the edited version of your writing.

Respect the Author
An editor should not be creating new content for you. An editor’s role is to work with the content you have already written and respect your role as the original author, maintaining your voice, tone, and intended message. A content editor will rarely write whole new sentences from scratch. You should always be able to recognize your original message in the edited version of your writing.

Choose the Right Words
While editors should not be writing new content, their role can stretch to replacing poorly chosen words with better ones. This goes beyond correcting errors in usage (such as replacing “affect” with “effect”) to a more nuanced understanding of word choice. Editors know what you are trying to communicate and can draw upon their expertise to select the words that will best convey your message. Editors know when to use “myriad” and when to use “many.” They also know that flowery, poetic descriptions have their place, and it isn’t in your blog post about DIY plumbing repairs.

Improve the Final Product
Writing is an art, not a science, which is why human editors are always superior to software. In a matter of minutes, professional editors can transform your writing from boring to compelling, waffling to concise, chaotic to readable. A great content editor will use the right words—primarily your words—to help you come across as intelligent, professional, and trustworthy.


The Importance of Writing Well in Business

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First Impressions
A face-to-face meeting can offer you perspective on a business. Your first impression is based on the personality and demeanor of the other party. Being charismatic can go a long way, but even the monotonous gain respect over time. However, the same cannot be said when it comes to digital communication.

Whether in an e-mail or on your website, the words you write are permanent. In sum, your writing leaves a last impression – and if you don’t represent yourself well, what you write may be your downfall.

The Cost of Unprofessional Writing
The many writing mistakes employees make may come as no surprise. Some issues are simple (such as spelling errors), while others are more complex. We’re not just talking about grammar, but also tone. Your words inevitably translate a certain voice. Taking the necessary time to master this skill is something very few employees do.

Some examples of expensive mistakes include:

• Suggestive long-form sentences. In many cases, people use run-on sentences as a way to avoid being bold and direct. This often translates to inaction and fails to instill confidence in the reader. As the old saying goes, “Say what you mean, mean what you say.”

• Writing too passively. At times, a passive voice is necessary, but it is rarely required. You will find that there are better ways to shape your paragraphs if you step back and rethink what’s being written.

• Lacking proper formality. Sometimes you have to be formal without being too formal. Some casual writing, also known as conversational writing, is acceptable when the rapport between the two parties supports it. When in doubt, formality is usually a better option.

Training Employees to Write Better
Extensive measures can be taken to ensure that your employees are representing your business well. At the end of the day, however, you cannot expect your staff to transform into Shakespeare overnight. The depths of copywriting and content editing are diverse. Changes in staffing can lead to wasted efforts when you are trying to enhance writing performance at the employee level.

The only real solution is to hire a content editing company to ensure your written materials are both reader and action friendly. Whenever possible, make sure to have your content looked over before sending it out. Once you’ve found a reliable proofreader, stick with the provider that offers you the fastest turnaround time.

The way a business approaches content editing can greatly impact their profitability. Proofreading and editing services are transforming the way this process works. With editorr, you can submit your projects to be immediately proofread and copyedited by an experienced professional, for a relatively small fee.

Try us out and see the difference for yourself!



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When you live or work in a tourist destination, it is important to be able to communicate effectively with visitors and offer them the best customer experience possible. Your most valuable tool in this regard is language. Language can either be a helpful marketing tool or an uncomfortable obstacle.

The Greek language boasts difficult grammar, a vivid vocabulary, and many words that may seem similar but in reality have important differences. Although its origins are ancient, Greek is a thoroughly modern language. Greek grammar is difficult, but if properly taught, the same words and phrases can be used to convey a number of different meanings.

For simplicity’s sake, over the past 35 years, Greeks have done away with many symbols. These symbols used to give words a particular significance and emphasized the will of the person using them. This has led to the simplification of Greek orthography.  These modern developments have stunted the critical thinking ability of Greece’s young people.

Many people have begun using a language that combines Greek words with the English alphabet, and English words with the Greek language’s attributes, resulting in “Greeklish.”  Many people are also using the English alphabet to write Greek words in order to save time, especially when using their mobile devices.

The problem is, young people have adopted this language as a cool fashion trend, forgoing the authenticity of Greek history and grammar rules which have existed for centuries.  Greek has become so simplified that it is starting to lose its spirit. Many researchers now stress the importance of using traditional Greek language and have made attempts to modify Greece’s educational system, emphasizing the proper usage of various symbols, tenses, and metaphors.  After all, it is the nuances of the Greek language that make it unique.


By: Asteria V., On Demand Editor for editorr