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When you live or work in a tourist destination, it is important to be able to communicate effectively with visitors and offer them the best customer experience possible. Your most valuable tool in this regard is language. Language can either be a helpful marketing tool or an uncomfortable obstacle.

The Greek language boasts difficult grammar, a vivid vocabulary, and many words that may seem similar but in reality have important differences. Although its origins are ancient, Greek is a thoroughly modern language. Greek grammar is difficult, but if properly taught, the same words and phrases can be used to convey a number of different meanings.

For simplicity’s sake, over the past 35 years, Greeks have done away with many symbols. These symbols used to give words a particular significance and emphasized the will of the person using them. This has led to the simplification of Greek orthography.  These modern developments have stunted the critical thinking ability of Greece’s young people.

Many people have begun using a language that combines Greek words with the English alphabet, and English words with the Greek language’s attributes, resulting in “Greeklish.”  Many people are also using the English alphabet to write Greek words in order to save time, especially when using their mobile devices.

The problem is, young people have adopted this language as a cool fashion trend, forgoing the authenticity of Greek history and grammar rules which have existed for centuries.  Greek has become so simplified that it is starting to lose its spirit. Many researchers now stress the importance of using traditional Greek language and have made attempts to modify Greece’s educational system, emphasizing the proper usage of various symbols, tenses, and metaphors.  After all, it is the nuances of the Greek language that make it unique.


By: Asteria V., On Demand Editor for editorr

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